Diaz Communications LLC

Having played a central role in critical political and policy discussions in the nation’s capital over the course of nearly the last decade, Diaz Communications understands how to approach issues, involve the appropriate parties, and disseminate information resulting in success.

Coalition Building
Ensuring the right people are seated around the table and engaged in the discussion enhances the likelihood of accomplishing one’s goals in any endeavor and oftentimes can be the difference maker.  Diaz Communications comprehends not only how to involve the essential parties, but also how to employ and manage their contributions.

Media Relations
There are few people in national politics or business that have the rolodex and relationships that Danny Diaz has built with both national and regional media personalities and outlets.  The art of sharing information and ensuring someone’s story is told accurately and effectively can only be accomplished by credible brokers that have the experience and track record.  Diaz Communications is uniquely positioned to advance an organization’s goals by delivering information and messages in the media.

Public Affairs Campaign Management
In today’s world with the wealth of news and information sources available, a poverty of attention has developed.  The struggle of any organization or business is to break through and make a real, lasting impression with the target audiences who further their cause.  This can only be done by demonstrating message discipline, creativity, and a commitment to advocacy which ensures decision makers are hearing from both the grass tops as well as the grassroots.  Diaz Communications understands how to put together a plan that guarantees week after week a cause is on the radar screens of the right people and that they are hearing from community leaders, friends, colleagues, citizens, and outside sources.

Crisis Communication Expertise
When a crisis presents itself, oftentimes it is too late.  Making the necessary preparations with regard to research, training, and administration can frequently prevent difficult predicaments from even taking place.  Yet, occurrences outside anyone’s control can develop and having an expert who has dealt with crisis communication in the past and successfully navigated through complex situations can make all the difference when an organization’s brand and reputation is on the line.  Diaz Communications understands how to get stakeholders involved to rebut inaccurate and unfair charges, while advancing a credible and compelling argument.

Public Opinion Research & Targeting
When making determinations about how to invest critical resources having the right information is paramount.  Diaz Communications works with industry leaders to ensure the vital questions are asked and information assembled so that the course of action decided upon affects the target audience’s viewpoint and meets the organization’s objective.  In addition, rather than just providing analysis of research and information, Diaz Communications understands how to use the data to develop messages and deliver them over a period of time having a real impact on the outcome. 

Issues & Market Research
Understanding the importance of research and information that speaks to one’s positioning in a marketplace and issues driving the conversation is just as crucial as understanding an audience’s viewpoint.  Whether in business or politics, Diaz Communications has the background and experience to know what questions to ask and what information is required to ensure any entity is aware of the different dynamics at play and how to best position itself in the public sphere.  

New Media & Online Grassroots Advocacy
With the abundance of tools available to communicate one’s message, it is important to understand the application of each, ensuring they serve to echo important messages with key communities.  Having the tools in today’s environment is not enough, understanding how to maximize their usage in creative ways which allows an organization to stay ahead or get in front of its competition makes the difference.  Diaz Communications works with industry leaders to develop the platforms and tools to effectively deliver messages that build support online, and expand the grassroots awareness and activism of any campaign.